PTS 31

The brand new PTS 31

With the Vripack design beautiful looks and optimal functionality are combined!  The lines are very specific, though the family resemblance with her smaller sister is unmistakable. The PTS 31 will certainly make heads turn in any harbor. 

In the design, and use of materials we have focused of limited maintenance and effective use of space. May clever innovations have been implemented. 

The cabin  can bij built using modules to fit the wishes of the owner. Because of its hight, width and length in comparison to the PTS 26, the 31 is not just a weekender. It offers all comfort on board to stay away for many days !

The hull is demi plaining, ensuring a comfortable ride, stability and maneuverability at speeds up to 40 km/hr.

As fort the propulsion, any engine between 75 and 280 HP can be fitted. The engine bay is large and easily excess able.   Optionally an electric 7 kw stand alone propulsion can be fitted, giving the possibility for silent cruising up to 10 km/hr.

In short, the PTS 31 is a symbiosis of classic design and contemporary technology. 

Please feel free to come and experience our beautiful PTS 31 ! 

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